Individual Coaching

My Individual Coaching programs are available at my Dallas, TX fitness studio location. The program is completely customized to meet your individual needs. I’ll create a fitness and nutrition plan that exceeds your expectations using my proven 4-step system:

  1. Initial Consultation & Fitness Assessment – We’ll discuss your fitness goals and your current workout and nutrition habits. We will also take measurements to create a starting point for your journey. After your measurements are complete, you’ll be taken through a series of fitness tests so we can assess your physical condition. This will give me a clear understanding of how to customize your program to ensure best results. Following our discussion and assessments, I’ll discuss everything with you and provide you with a program recommendation.
  2. Starting Your Program – I’ll create a fully customized program that is designed to meet your individual needs. During for first 2 – 3 weeks, we’ll focus on learning exercises and perfecting your form.
  3. Throughout Your Program – Every 2 – 4 weeks we will reassess using measurements and assessments to make sure you’re meeting your goals as efficiently as possible. You will also be provided with a custom program to follow outside of your one-on-one sessions.
  4. When You Meet Your Goal – When your goal is met, we’ll re-evaluate your goals and progress and start on the next goal!

Stop waiting to transform your life – schedule your initial consultation today!