While working with Will, I was able to achieve my goal of 155lbs. On top of a healthier lifestyle, eating & self care.

How long did it take you to achieve your results? A year

What specific challenge(s) did Will help you overcome? Will helped me to overcome several plateaus, increased my knowledge of nutrition, provided motivation, and helped me to build my discipline.

What did you like most about working with Will? It was a pleasure working with Will. The thing I enjoyed most was being pushed & learning to overcome comfort within my body. Will motivates you on a daily, ensuring that you don’t lose focus on your end goal.

Why would you recommend Will to others? I would recommend Will to other because I know that he is able to help anyone and everyone. Will is wise in health and wellness as well as other areas in life. Will is motivating, he gives you realistic goals, and most of all, he helps you develop a love for self care & health.

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